Accord Webinars

Here at Accord we believe it is important to learn from each other regularly, so we host biweekly webinars featuring one of our members or an expert in a relevant field on a topic of their expertise. All our webinars are FREE for members and students, and cost $59 for nonmembers.

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And be sure to check out a sample of our past webinars from our March 7, 2017 webinar entitled, "Using Virtual Reality to Grow your Ministry."

If you are a member in need of the archive password, please contact jon[at]accordnetwork[dot]org.

Upcoming Webinars

Our next webinar will be held on March 28th, 2017, at 1:00PM EST.

Chad Hayward of Accord Network and Lucas Koach of Food for the Hungry will be presenting a webinar entitled, "The First 50 Days: A Look at the Trump Administration." Chad and Lucas will leads us through a discussion focusing on:

1) The charitable deduction and its future
2) Religious hiring developments
3) Poverty Focused Development Aid and impending cuts

This webinar is FREE for members and students, and $59 for nonmembers.

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Webinar Calendar

March 28 - The First 50 Days: A Look at the Trump Administration

April 12 - Developing a Marketing Persona - Message to a Person!

April 26 - Utilizing Drones in Disaster Response

May 10 - Transitioning from Relief Aid to Development using Tech

May 24 - Case studies in Spiritual Metrics and Research


If you are interested in hosting a webinar, please contact jon[at]accordnetwork[dot]org.

*please note, all dates and topics are subject to change