Accord Webinars

Join us for “The Accord Report” Webinar Series
A Production of the Accord Research Alliance

Last year the Accord Research Alliance set out to conduct research to understand the theories, practices and research needs of Christian development orgs. They produced a fascinating paper from their research (44 members took part) and they want to share results with you in a webinar series. Join us for four webinars on faith integration, collaboration, monitoring/evaluation, and women’s empowerment between Feb. 28 and April 16.

February 28, 12:00PM EST: Accord & Faith Integration

So, just exactly how do we integrate faith and development? What is the connection between spiritual and material development? Is there a role for evangelism? Find out how leaders of Accord member organizations wrestle with these issues and more through insights from the Accord Research Report.

March 14, 12:00PM EDT: Accord Collaborations and Partnerships

Partnerships are great, but with whom should we partner, and how? In this section of the Accord Report, organizational leaders share how they navigate a wide range of partnerships, from local congregations in the field to strategic relationships with multilateral organizations.

April 4, 12:00PM EDT: Research, Monitoring & Evaluation of Accord Organizations

Pressure to show program results, including spiritual impact, makes monitoring and evaluation increasingly important. Organizations rely on other types of research to shape their development initiatives. Learn about the strategies that Accord member organizations employ.

April 16, 12:00PM EDT: Institutional Values and Women’s Empowerment within Accord Member Organizations

What organizational values are most important to members of the Accord Network? How do women fare within Accord organizations?

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