How to Join

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3. Connect with your peers


Webinars: Learn the latest without leaving your desk. Accord hosts frequent webinars on issues such as WASH, developing a thriving workplace, evidence-based programming, etc.

Developing Excellence Forum: Good ideas come from interacting together. Each fall Accord hosts the Developing Excellence Forum, allowing you to meet your peers, showcasing the issues and trends for Christ-followers in development.

Alliances: Let's learn together.  Accord offers participation in alliances with activity in WASH, Microenterprise Development, GIK, Grassroots Advocacy, and Research. 

Central Desk: When you have specific needs or questions, Chad is very willing to help you find someone else in the Accord Network who has faced the same issue. And of course, it is very much appreciated when you are willing to discuss issues with your fellow Accord members.

Principles of Excellence in Integral Mission: What does holistic Christ-centered development look like? Accord members joined together to develop to succinctly describe Christian development work at its best. 

Job Postings: Where will you find your next key employee? Post your jobs on our jobs page to attract the best talent.

DC Representation - A United Voice: Accord speaks with a “united voice” on issues that impact our ability to do our work including religious freedom and the charitable deduction. 

CEO/Leader Retreat: It’s lonely at the top, and Leaders need each other. On your own, finding like-minded leaders might be a challenge, but Accord helps you find a way by hosting a CEO/Leader retreat for members, featuring peer-to-peer consulting.

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