Compensation, Benefits & HRIS Specialist

The Compensation, Benefits and HRIS Specialist is responsible for domestic compensation and benefits administration. The person in this role provides direct customer service to MCC staff across the U.S. and interacts with benefits vendors.  As Specialist, you are a Superuser of the Human Resources Information System (HRIS) and are responsible to maintain the integrity of data for U.S. domestic workers and U.S. citizens in the system. The Specialist role focuses on the support and maintenance of data and personnel files in the HRIS. This position serves as a technical point of contact for the HRIS. The Specialist assists in ensuring data integrity, testing of system changes, report writing and analyzing data flows for process improvement opportunities.

Location: Akron PA preferred location, with possibility for successful candidate to work from the EC Regional office in Philadelphia PA.

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Canner Operator/Operador de Enlatados

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Each year since 1946, MCC has sent out a mobile meat canner, which MCC workers and volunteers use to preserve hundreds of thousands of cans of meat for communities in need across the globe. Canner operators travel with the meat canner to 34 different locations across the US and Canada, canning beef, turkey, and pork, Canners are responsible for all aspects of the project including: operating steam and pressure vessels, coordinating volunteers, maintaining and communicating USDA regulations, and the maintenance of all machinery in the canning process. Lifelong relationships are forged, opening new doors for life after canning.

MCC prefers to place 2 Canners per year.  The Canning Team is comprised of four individuals, typically 2 in their first year and 2 in their second. 

Due to the travel demands for Canners, MCC requires that Canners be single.

Canner operators work 8 -12 hour days from October through April including Saturdays.  Canners are compensated for long working hours during the canning season by getting extra vacation time.   Summers are spent in Akron with regular working hours.  This may include working for the maintenance department or as drivers and materials handlers at warehouse facilities.  MCC will arrange for each canner to attend a U.S.D.A. approved canning course and to obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL).

During the off season the canner will be a part of Akron Connection Service Program, a service unit connected to MCC’s offices in Akron & Ephrata Pa.  In recent years the unit is typically between 10-15 adults, ages 20-70, and may include families with children.  Married couples and families live in MCC apartments while singles share a coed Unit House that is also our gathering place.  Some of the  group activities include 2 annual retreats, monthly outings, bi-weekly Bible studies and impromptu gatherings.

Cada año desde 1946, el CCM ha enviado un equipo móvil de procesar carne, que los trabajadores del CCM y los voluntarios utilizan para preservar cientos de miles de latas de carne para comunidades necesitadas en todo el mundo. Los operadores del Canner viajan como equipo para enlatar carne (llamado ‘’mobile meat canner’’) a 34 diferentes localidades a lo largo de los Estados Unidos y Canadá, enlatando res, pavo y cerdo. Los Canners son responsables de todos los aspectos del proyecto incluyendo: el funcionamiento del vapor y recipientes a presión, coordinación de voluntarios, mantener y comunicar las regulaciones del USDA, y mantenimiento de toda la maquinaria en el proceso de enlatado.

El CCM prefiere asignar 2 Canners por año. El equipo de Canners se compone de 4 individuos, típicamente 2 en el primer año y 2 en el segundo.

Los operadores del Canner trabajan entre 8 a 12 horas diarias de octubre a abril, incluyendo los sábados. Los Canners son compensados por las largas horas de trabajo al obtener tiempo de vacaciones extra. Los veranos se pasan en Akron con horas regulares de trabajo. Esto podría incluir trabajar con el Departamento de Mantenimiento, o como conductores y manipuladores de materiales en el almacén. El CCM hace los arreglos para que cada Canner tome los cursos necesarios de la U.S.D.A y obtenga una Licencia Comercial (CDL)

Durante la temporada baja, los canners son parte del programa Servicio de Conexión de Akron, una unidad de servicio conectada a las oficinas del CCM en Akron y Ephrata PA. En los últimos años la unidad es típicamente entre 10-15 adultos, edades 20-70, y puede incluir familias con niños. Parejas casadas y familias viven en apartamentos del CCM, mientras que los solteros(as) comparten una casa. Algunas de las actividades del grupo incluyen dos retiros anuales, salidas mensuales, estudios bíblicos cada dos semanas y reuniones improvisadas.

Job location: During the canning season, canners live on the road.  During summer, canners are based in Akron, PA.


Aplication deadline: N/A

Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is the chief financial officer of MCC U.S., including the regions. The position will build the capacity of MCC U.S. Financial Services to provide accounting expertise, create financial systems and provide financial management needed by MCC U.S. In addition, the Director of Finance, in collaboration with the Director of Finance for MCC Canada (MCCC), provides financial leadership, expertise and support for the MCC Shared Program, which manages the international programs for MCC.

The Director of Finance reports directly to the MCC U.S. Executive Director, supervises the MCC U.S. Controller, who supervises the Financial Services staff of MCC U.S., and jointly with the Director of Finance of MCCC, supervises the Shared Program Accounting Manager. The position directs and supports the financial operation for multiple offices including the handling and reporting of all income and expenditures in accordance with proper authorizations and procedures, keeps staff and board members informed of the financial status of MCC U.S. including the interpretation of trends and information as required and furnishes financial data to offices for their own planning and operations.

Location: Akron PA preferred location, with possibility for successful candidate to work from one of the Regional MCC U.S. offices in Philadelphia PA, Goshen IN, Newton KS or Reedley CA.


Application deadline: Jul 30, 2018