Grants Program Manager, US Government Grants – Program Excellence team, USA

Compelled by God’s deep passion for justice and mercy, World Renew works with local partners in over 30 countries to make positive, permanent change: renew hope, reconcile lives and restore creation. World Renew is a $36 million international development and disaster response organization and a registered 501(c)(3). 

World Renew is seeking a full-time grants manager who is passionate about promoting just, resilient communities.  While this position requires attention to detail, an ability to develop and write competitive grant proposals, and support grant and contract awards, it also requires someone who is able to promote lasting change through relationships that extend far beyond office walls. We’re looking for a match maker. Someone to match programs with grant opportunities, match World Renew with other like-minded organizations in collaborations and fundraising, and work to support the success of these grants. If you are the right person for this opportunity, your unique contribution to World Renew will be: providing leadership in building a new strategy and set of relationships for future funding. Interested candidates are invited to submit resume/application at: Application deadline is April 27, 2018.