Director of MERL

The Water Project
Department: Program
Position title:  Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Resolution, and Learning (MERL)
Job status: Full-time, exempt
Location:  Onsite - Concord, NH Office
Hours/week: 40-50

The Water Project’s Monitoring, Evaluation, Resolution, and Learning organizational work measures whether or not we are truly implementing our values of functionality, uptime, reliability, and geographical saturation.  For us, reliability is a covenantal commitment to those experiencing immense challenges connected to the global water crisis. The Monitoring, Evaluation, Resolution, and Learning department provides The Water Project with tools to build trust among partners, communities, and donors.

The Director of Monitoring, Evaluation, Resolution, and Learning works with information at the heart of our relationships among The Water Project US based staff, The Water Project Partners, our developing regional offices, and our contributing donors.  

Key Responsibilities
Co-create and oversee all aspects of data collection, analysis, and assessment.
Co-coordinate a Western Kenya Regional Service and Quality Control Hub alongside the regional director and the Director of Global Programs.
Improve and implement a fully-functioning monitoring and resolution system that is accessible to organizational partners, ensures a high standard of transparency, and enhances trust among all parties involved.  The primary questions that inform these systems should remain intimately connected to the experience and expertise of those in local field contexts and will as much as possible be customized to the work of particular partners.
Work closely with the Program Team to develop monitoring questions, integrate more efficient monitoring methods, and ensure accuracy of data, all in alignment with The Water Project’s program values.
Provide efficient access to all monitoring, evaluation, resolution, and learning data for internal TWP use and for use of partners.
Periodic international travel to The Water Project program areas.
Exhibit effective communication skills, both written and oral.
Report Directly to the Director of Global Programs.