Manager of Audit, Asia Region

TITLE: Manager of Audit, Asia Region
LOCATION: The Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh

The Manager of Audit is a brand new position and will take a special blend of operational audit experience. These audits are not merely financial – although that is a key part – but also include operational effectiveness, as well as HR and IT processes and procedures. Someone with strictly a banking and/or accounting background will probably not be a fit. An internal auditor for a mid to large company in the for-profit world is ideal; someone with broad experience (not in one specialized industry) who has functioned internationally and cross-culturally. The ideal candidate could also be currently working at a public accounting firm that has worked with a broad cross-section of clients across various industries.

There are two primary types of audits that are conducted: (1) Partnership Assessments that assess how the relationship is working between the local church partner and Compassion as a whole, and (2) Global Process Audits. They are usually 6–8 of these per year that review various processes and their implementation and implications both globally and locally.

Ideally, this position would be located in one of the six cities in Asia that in which Compassion has operations – Manila, Philippines; Chiang Mai (or Bangkok), Thailand; Bandung or Manado, Indonesia; Colombo, Sri Lanka; or Dhaka, Bangladesh. He/she could also live in any other major city in any of these five countries (due to ease of airport access).

The Manager of Audit would oversee three Audit Supervisors and a team of 10, and interact regularly with Compassion’s Global Ministry Center in Colorado Springs. They need to be a committed Christian and be able to speak English well, and ideally have a Certified Internal Auditor (CIA) certification (or similar credential) and a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting, Finance, Management Information Systems, Business Administration, or a related discipline.

To apply for this position, and to read a full description, please visit the site here.